SME Business Software

Technology and systems are having an increasingly important impact of the way business operates and the long term sustainability of a business. Having a streamlined systems platform and planning plays an important part to enable success in an efficient and transparent organistion.

Through cloud technology, accounting software and related add-on or integrated technology is making a fundamental difference to the management and operations of key functions of a business.

Resolve UBM can assist your business in setting up and reviewing your accounting system requirements. We are champion partners and certified advisors of Xero and approved partners of MYOB and Quickbooks. Our consultants take the time to understand your business requirements and issues and then work out the best possible solution for you. 

We are licensed App Advisors for Xero where we can advise on applications that can streamline your business processes directly linked into your accounting system. eg For builders this includes software tailored specifically to the builders such as project management, cash flow, debtor management and collection, supplier payments, invoicing and quoting.

Before recommending an accounting system, we review your current business operations, processes and current and future requirements to ensure the right accounting software is selected. We identify areas of customisation that you may need and take care of the implementation or assist in the overseeing of the implementation.

We also provide training to your staff to ensure they can master and understand how to properly use any new system.

We can also advice on technology solutions that can assist in a more efficient and streamlined business operation on top of your accounting system. This includes expense automation, staff rostering and management, staff billing, HR compliance, project management, inventory managment, debtors collection and financial reporting and analysis.

We have consultants and/or are valued partners of providers who can assist and provide advice in the following areas -

  • Accounting systems - Xero (Sliver partner), MYOB (Gold partner), Quickbooks
  • Transaction processing - Dext
  • Debtor collections - Debtor Daddy
  • Time and attendance/rostering/timesheets - Tanda, T-sheets, Deputy
  • Financial reporting and analysis - Spotlight, Fathom
  • Project Management - Procore, Xero projects, Workflowmax
  • HR compliance - HR Enabled, HR Connect